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Cara Delevingne Got Herself Some Fake Lip Rings

+ they look pretty rad

by nylon

As one would expect from anyone with over 20.8 million Instagram followers, Cara Delevingne has made a tremendous impact in nearly every aspect of pop culture. And although she has transitioned away from modeling, that doesn't mean the 23-year-old actress is moving away from the fashion and style industry. After all, she's the woman who revived bold brows in a post-Brooke Shields landscape. Now, Delevingne is bringing back another trend: the lip ring.

Although she didn't actually pierce herself, she has been wearing two diamond lip cuffs, in the center of her bottom lip. It's badass, it's cool, and a super-easy way to vamp up any look. (The piece is by ESTABLISHED and you can get it here.)

Recently, Delevingne has also helped shape youth culture by coming forward to help young people come to terms with depression and mental illness. "In our culture, we are told that if we're beautiful, if we're skinny, if we're successful, famous, if we fit in, if everyone loves us, that we'll be happy," she said at the Women In The World Summit. "But that's not entirely true." 

While writing about a faux lip ring may seem mundane to some, it's a way of expressing oneself and exploring one's style—and that's badass, and entirely necessary.