Cara Delevingne Topshop

+ listen to fka twigs’ leaked track!

!!! A new track from FKA Twigs' upcoming debut album LP1 has leaked! Listen to "Video Girl," a mellow R&B jam written about the singer's time as a, well, video girl, below. (Tecoapple)

If you've already seen the first trailer for Daniel Radcliffe's upcoming film, Horns, you know the basic, über creepy jist of it—he's accused of killing his girlfriend (Juno Temple), denies it, then grows horns and basically becomes the devil incarnate. The newest trailer, unveiled at ComicCon, gives a fuller picture of the film, showing more of this confusion (Did he really kill his girlfriend and not remember?), the story behind the horns (Is it the devil's way of claiming him?), and the powers that come with horns (The power of persuasion, anyone?). Watch the trailer below. (Vulture)

Smiley face, AKA the original emoticon, is getting its own TV show. Apparently the children's show will be picked up by PGS and will fuse "comedy, adventure, and inspirational lessons." (Indiewire)

Remember when Prabal Gurung hosted an Instagram competition asking people to guess the face of his fall campaign? Well, if you guessed Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, you would be correct (and just might be the winner of a Gurung garment). (Fashionista)

Cara Delevingne has been killing it on the fall campaign circuit (Mulberry, BurberryPepe, Chanel....). So what's one more advert, really? Especially when you'd be Topshop's first solo campaign star... (Fashion Gone Rogue)

Lady Gaga will be in Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill! Her scene partner? None other than Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Click through to peek a photo. (Instagram)