carhartt wip x vans syndicate era

The function of fashion…

by Josh Madden

Let's all agree that Vans Eras are in everybody's top five right now; we all have a pair or two and we tell ourselves we don't need any more and then this little number drops. The masters of utility at Carhartt WIP (Work In Progress) recently got their shot at re-imagining the classic sneaker and created a seriously safe pair of kicks. This iteration of the Eras is constructed with canvas coated with reflective materials, so while the shoes appear bright yellow and orange during the day, they catch light and glow brightly at night. It's pretty rad because we're used to seeing these reflective materials in a plain gray so Carhartt's use of bright colors is a welcome change. You can buy a pair HERE, they're actually on sale…Vans on sale? Looks like we're grabbing another pair.