Carlos Campos, Bespoken, Lucio Castro & David Hart

    Fashion week kicks off with some great presentations...

    by Josh Madden · February 06, 2014

    We're not gonna sugarcoat it--the weather in New York City has not been sweet. But the one thing you'll learn about the fashion community is that NYFW is bigger than any storm or power outage or broken elevator or...well, you get the idea. There is really nothing that's going to stop fall '14 fashion week, so we just put on our warmest coat and head out to Industria Studios Wednesday night to get it poppin. The Carlos Campos, Bespoken, Lucio Castro and David Hart presentations were an awesome way to start off our week and you know--we're really noticing a trend in this fun-vibe manor of doing things. The building buzzed and it really seems like presentations are the way to go, as the focus is taken off the front row and placed on the designers (where it belongs).  All of the collections we saw were strong--check out the quick roundup below.

    Carlos Campos If we had to rate the presentations we checked out, Carlos Campos would definitely by numero uno. There wasn't a look in the collection that we wouldn't sport--even the casual ensemble the designer wore as he walked around talking to the models was super fresh. The palette was dark, navy and black with shots of white, and everything was sharp with clean lines. The various trench, bomber, and moto style jackets were on-point--and like we said, everything was super street ready.

    David Hart The collection from designer David Hart was pretty incredible for the simple fact that the extensive number of individual looks were all incredibly well-executed. The vibe was very "Frank Sinatra," as the models took turns walking over to make themselves cocktails and well...basically every look was Rat Pack ready. Where some designers might stick to a few silhouettes and and a small palette, Hart went for it, and he didn't miss a shot. We love the collection.

    Lucio Castro Designer Lucio Castro brought some nomadic-western vibes with a mix of wool and flannel. The collection was inspired by the spirit of Andre Gide’s 1902 novel ‘L’immoraliste' and reflects its rebellious approach. The hats Castro models wore were great...we're actually looking to incorporate them into our own look after checking out this presentation.

    Bespoken The Bespoken crew mixed it up by adding a cutie to their presentation, and we back this fully. The trend in showing menswear on girls is awesome--let's face it, nobody is going to complain when a hot girl is involved. The collection included longer trench-style coats, which we are currently super obsessed with, and the palette consisted of deep reds, olive, grey, navy, and of course, black. The "Tailored Vandal" theme was definitely felt.
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