Carly Rae Jepsen And Danny L Harle’s “Super Natural” Video Is Huge

So unreal

Carly Rae Jepsen and Danny L Harle's new song, "Super Natural," is undoubtedly the collaboration of the summer. It elevates Jepsen's pop prowess to new heights while pushing Harle closer and closer to chart contender status. (Don't expect him to ever embrace the mainstream like a full-fledged pop star, though. He's too far ahead of the curve.) Together, they complement each other perfectly: she balances his hyperactive, glossy melodies with her fairytale lyrics and vocal delivery that's both naively heartfelt and earnest all at once. It's huge for both of them.

The video itself captures this moment perfectly. There’s a sense that anything can happen. Jepsen’s giddiness, as she runs through this super-future, super-fabricated Los Angeles home, is contagious. It’s an unreal setting for an unreal feeling that’s universal: the endless possibility of joy a new romance brings. The abstract emotions quite literally pop up as Harle takes Jepsen through the house, attempting to define them: feel infinite, feel total, feel huge, feel new, feel you, read the speech graphics that accompany the home features. It's supernatural. Harle deals in more than just HUGE realty here, he deals with a huge reality. Watch the video, below.