Photo by Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images


Watch Chairlift’s Caroline Polachek Channel Her Inner Greek Goddess

“The Boy Who I’ll See Again”

In collaboration with MAKE Beauty, Chairlift's Caroline Polachek has produced an original short film for a new song called "The Boy Who I'll See Again." Directed by Adam McClelland, the video is inspired by surrealist cinema from the 1920s to re-tell the classic Greek myth of Endymion—starring as the moon goddess Selene, Polachek becomes infatuated with a shepherd and begs Zeus to make him beautiful for eternity; Zeus grants her request, but also him into a deep, immortal sleep.

While the theme of the video revolves around "light, immortality, beauty, and death," it also highlights MAKE's new Moonlight Brightening Serum as part of the Naxos Concept Collection. Watch "The Boy Who I'll See Again" below, and download the song for free here