casio G-SHOCK 30th anniversary

Shock the world…

by Christian Lavery


Last night here in New York, Casio G-SHOCK celebrated their 30th anniversary. And to put it lightly, the event made quite a bit of noise (in more ways than one). People piled in by the hundreds and watches from the brand’s past and present collections lined the walls. But amidst all the history, Casio had other plans – to introduce the world to the future. So they took to the stage, hosted a press conference, and did exactly that. Here, G-SHOCK announced the next generation of Casio timepieces, highlighted by the metal twisted MT-G Collection, the first luxury watch of its kind. Such big news then set the stage for what was to follow: performances by YelaWolf and legendary Detroit MC, Eminem (who also had a G-SHOCK unveiled in his honer earlier that evening). Both captivated the crowd with all their hits and put on a performance that made for an unforgettable evening. So while you wait for Slim Shady to make another appearance and for the latest line of G-Shocks to hit stores, feel free to check out their current selection in stores now