Cataldo Muses On Youth In New “Photograph” Video

The PNW gift keeps on giving

The Pacific Northwest has a sound all its own. It's American, nostalgic, and effortlessly, poetically profound. Eric Anderson's Cataldo is the latest musician to come out of that sacred hub of chilly, perennial college radio-friendly territory. His new album, Keepers, is due out April 28 via Red Pepper Records/Moon Crew Records. Today, the album's first single, "Photograph," gets the muted-hued music video it so rightly deserves.

Cataldo's descriptive lyrics come to life fairly literally in the new Christopher Harrell-directed video. Everything from the "statement haircuts" being depicted by a credit card statement and hair being cut to five feet physically placed on a towel to describe "five-feet-tall" splash across the curated palette of burgundies, khakis, and neutrals. It's a surreal normcore dream and complements the song's no-fuss energy.

"'Photograph' is a song about rich kids," Cataldo tells us, "the nature of memory, and the peculiar cocktail of charisma, unfounded confidence, and concealed naïveté that's common in late adolescence/early adulthood." Youth is meant to be photographed.