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Cate Blanchett Is Up For Doing An ‘American Horror Story’ Guest Spot

please, please, please

Bless Vulture for getting the answers to questions no one thought to ask. Bless them so much.

At the MoMA premiere of the hotly anticipated movie Carol, reporter Bennett Marcus had a moment with star and near-perfect person Cate Blanchett when he asked her, of all things, would she be into doing a guest spot on the bizarre, campy horror series (and NYLON obsession) American Horror Story. The answer? Yes. One-hundred percent yes.

After working with AHS star Sarah Paulson for the first time, Blanchett said, “Am I desperate to work with her again? Yes,” which is nice and all. After that, though, Marcus thankfully asked the next logical question—would she be interested in appearing alongside Paulson in AHS? “You know, [Paulson] hasn’t asked!” Blanchett answered. “[But] yeah, if she asked me.” The mind reels with the possibilities.

So, please, Sarah, ask her already! Phones exist, you know.

(via Vulture)