Catey Shaw Brooklyn Girls

because five new songs are always better than one.

by nylon

Catey Shaw - "Brooklyn Girls"

Track premiere alert! Latin-tinged strums and synth blasts hug Catey Shaw's jazz-infused vocals in this ode to the borough's babes. It's a playful response to Katy Perry's "California Gurls" -- and cuter than a scruffy bodega cat. PS: The first 100 NYLON readers to listen will get a free download of the song before it's available anywhere else! MELISSA GIANNINI

Foxes - "Glorious"

Foxes appears to have taken Stepford Wives as inspiration for her latest video, which stars robotic country club members sporting candy pastel sweater vests and tennis skirts. Louisa Rose Allen's hypnotic voice invites you to the pristine but haunting lifestyle of the one percent. What we can't figure out is what makes this video so addicting: its Valencia-filtered perfection, it's creepy undertones, or Allen's serious makeup game? We'll just keep playing it on repeat until we find out. BANU IBRAHIM  

Christian Rich (feat. Rye Rye) - "A1"

Rye Rye's sick flow steams up a chilly beat constructed by the DJ-production duo Taiwo and Kehinde Hassan (they're also twin brothers), culminating in almost a minute of her vocal loops weaving in and out of synthesized string ominousness. MG

Spoon - "Do You" 

Well, here we are at that most awful moment of mid-summer, where the sun is beating down, humidity is weighing you down, and life's pace seems to be going way slower than usual. Thankfully, Spoon has arrived with a soft and slow track to carry us through the sweat storm. The Texas foursome's latest single from their upcoming album offers light, shimmery guitars, hazy "do woos," and lyrics we can seriously get behind: "Someone get popsicles/ someone do something 'bout this heat." Can we second that? BI

Priory - "Weekend"

Portland's Priory dropped this track last week, but some of us were busy buying s'mores fixins, hotdogs, Roman candles, and all that, and it slipped past us -- which is a damn shame since the song comes on like a breezy Friday barbecue as the sun goes down and the sky lights up. Luckily, we have a few sparklers left over! MG