cavern moss flame candle by prospector co.

Southern vibes…

by Christian Lavery

Head to Savannah, Georgia on any given day and you’ll encounter a rather healthy dose of southern hospitality. Apply that same warmth and love to a line of grooming products, and you’ve uncovered the secret ingredient behind Prospector Co. -- the Peach State’s 3-year-old establishment tackling all aspects of hygiene.

Allowing you to bring a bit of that southern air into your own humble home, Prospector Co. has blended together the day-to-day smells that surface in Savannah. A mix of musky Spanish moss, dampened pine, and a drying floral arrangement, the hand-poured Carven Moss candle freshens with a simple, clean aroma.

Available in a 5 or 8 oz. tumbler, purchase it HERE.