Finally, Beards Serve An Actual Purpose

Dudes turning their faces into Christmas trees in the name of fighting cancer. more

That's the thinking behind Beard Baubles—miniature metallic bulbs designed to be hung festively from men's facial hair. While these holiday accessories may look like something hipsters would come up with after a few too many eggnogs, they were actually created by Grey London, a UK ad agency raising money for the Australian melanoma charity Beard Season.

As Mashable reports, Beard Baubles are the brainchildren of Grey London employees Pauline Ashford and Mike Kennedy, who were simply looking for a kooky Christmas card their company could send to clients. Once they had the idea, they figured they'd sell a few sets and donate the proceeds to Beard Season. Not surprisingly, the charity's awesomely bearded founder, Jimmy Niggles, loved the idea, and after he Instagrammed a photo of himself in full-on bauble mode, the orders started pouring in.

Now, Ashford says, hairy do-gooders in the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, and various European nations are plunking down £7 (about $11) each for their own packets. Dog owners are also getting in on the fun, figuring their beloved pets won't mind a few weeks of looking ridiculous for a good cause.