22 Of Your Favorite Celebrities’ First Tweets

    from beyoncé to lana and lorde

    by · March 21, 2016

    Ten years ago, Twitter—then just the vowel-less “twttr”—launched, and within a couple of years, the platform changed the way people approached social media, for better or for worse. Suddenly, it seemed, everyone was sharing a minute-by-minute account of their day. It was odd, informative, and very telling.

    Since things tend to shift and change quickly in this strange, vast world of social media, the way we all interact on the platform has changed. Now, it’s become a place to share ideas, comment on social issues and pop culture events, and post videos and photos. It’s a far cry from the Twitter of ’09, when nearly all of our favorite celebs decided to give into the social pressure and create a handle of their own. There were no hashtags, no emojis, and no rules. Hell, Adele could still drunk tweet without getting her phone taken away from her.

    In honor of Twitter’s 10th birthday, we dug up 22 first celebrity tweets. Some were strange, some were simple, and others made us zone out to another dimension (thanks, Jaden Smith). Check them out in the gallery below.

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