Image via Taylor Swift/Instagram


The Only 2015 Celebrity Halloween Costume Roundup You’ll Ever Need

swift, klum, haim, perry, beebs, and soooo many more

Parties, pumpkins, seeing your buds in bonkers costumes, and candy, candy, candy—almost everything you love about Halloween has already slipped past. Almost. Now, it's time for the last part of our yearly cycle: The celebrity Halloween costume roundup.

Because we love you this much, we've spent all morning searching Instagram for the best (and sometimes not so best) costumes from your favorite famous people, with an emphasis on "favorite". We've stuck to the pop gods you actually worship and the indie stars you really love, letting the tabs take care of the rest.

So wash the cobwebs out of your head (literally and figuratively) and find out what Swift, HAIM, Perry, Mayberry, Beebs, and more wore for Halloween 2015.