Photo by ThatNordicGuy

this artist is combining famous faces and it’s incredible

holy cow

In our celebrity-obsessed culture, we are inundated with constant, countless images of famous people. And at some point, their visages begin to look the same. Digital artist ThatNordicGuy wants to riff on that—by combining their features to create eerily familiar (yet slightly off) faces. 

Call it face swapping, call it morphing—whatever ThatNordicGuy is doing is downright incredible. He told BuzzFeed he’s been at it for five years—which doesn’t seem like a long time, but he’s honed his craft perfectly. Who knew Kristen Stewart and Emma Watson’s faces blended so seamlessly? Can we talk about the superhuman beauty he made by putting Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie’s faces together? It’s wild. Absolutely, stunningly wild.

For more, check ThatNordicGuy’s DeviantArt page here.

(viz BuzzFeed)

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