chad muska’s skytop IV by supra

The shoe so hot they can’t keep it in stock…

by Josh Madden

chad muska's skytop IV by supra

When it comes to starting a brand, there are so many factors to weigh and so many unknown elements at stake, many ideas don't even make it out of the garage. Creating a product and building a collection is an even more staggering undertaking when you're entering a saturated market with fierce competition and players that have literally been in the business for decades. When we think of the most successful sneaker brands on the market today--yes, a handful of logos and styles come to mind-- but can we literally connect the success of the company to a face?

Let's go back a few years to the beginning of 


. Our buddy 

Chad Muska

, who is known to the world for skateboarding, but more to us for being a fearless creative. He joined up with another friend, 

Angel Cabada

, who we'd known from his work with skate brand TSA, and without much hype or noise the two launched their new brand almost out of the ether. In 2006 the pair opened a shop at 

413 Fairfax in Los Angeles 

and filled it with their first run of sneakers, Muska's vintage t-shirt collection, a comprehensive collection of vintage glasses, and that became 


's home base.

The past seven years have seen a steady step-by-step rise of the young shoe brand turn into an interesting cross-pollinated fashion anomaly. While the company may have been founded by a world-renowned skateboarder, what people may have taken for granted this brand used to its advantage. Muska, with his experience as an accomplished DJ and artist, and Cabada's expertise in the apparel world only aided in the development of a product line unlike anything that existed. Simply put, the guys continually produce collections of performance skate shoes that look and wear like high fashion footwear, season after season. The Supra following includes people of all ages from all walks of life--and from all over the globe. We're talking about a seven year-old company that is now contending with not only skate brands, but the entire footwear category, and winning.

This brings us to the newest, most advanced, most sought-after, and in our opinion most polarizing 

Supra shoe to date

, the Skytop IV. This is the 4th iteration of Chad Muska's signature shoe and one of the only sneakers (without a swoosh) that we've ever seen sell entirely out of stock on the day of its release. Imagine if Michael Jordan had his own brand in which he designed his own sneaker, oversaw its development, organized that shoe's release, and played street ball with anyone who wanted to get down--that is 

Chad Muska


After releasing the Skytop IV on Black Friday and selling out immediately 

on it's website

], the Supra team obtained one more size run (

which is almost sold out again

), and from what we can tell, may remain sold out forever. Enthustiasts follow the countdown to the release of new colorways as the brand posts a new graphic daily, and the next one is only 5 days away. This new red colorway of the Skytop IV will be made available Christmas Eve and indubitably sell out within minutes. We've seen some sneak peeks of another colorway on 

Cabada's instagram

, but who knows if and when that will drop. One thing is for sure--the 


squad is shaking things up, with a massive following in both the fashion and skateboarding world, and seemingly everyone in between.

Follow Chad Muska on Twitter 


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for insight into the minds and inspirations behind Supra. Follow the brand on Twitter 


and shop the collection 


. Be warned: when you see a sneaker you like on the website, it might not be there when you come back the next day (it's happened to us several times), so cop it while it's hot.