Chairlift Ch-Ching Music Video - New York City

those hand moves, though.

New York City is one of the most photographed and videotaped cities out there. Due to its fast-paced allure, no two images or videos are alike. There is no one way to capture it, but one of the most exciting means of activating the metropolis is through dance. Kiesza’s video for “Hideaway” brought Brooklyn to life with its stylized dancing-in-the-streets choreography. And Chairlift’s new video for its new single “Ch-Ching” follows suit.

Here, Caroline Polachek and Patrick Wimberly move their way through New York’s industrial settings. Polachek’s red-orange look pops against the subdued hues of her surroundings. There are smoke elements and some pretty fancy umbrella twirling. It’s Polachek’s moves, though, that really hit home. They’re frantic, sharp, and intriguing. But for a song that’s equally as layered and dense, we wouldn’t have expected anything less. How she moves her hands to the “27-9-9-23” lyric is a wonder, and something we’re going to practice, because there’s nothing better than showing off how hip to the beat you are with fancy hand moves at a party.

“Ch-Ching” will appear on Chairlift’s next LP Moth, due out sometime in January 2016.