Chance The Rapper Discusses Brother Taylor Bennett’s Coming Out On Twitter

“I kind of just stepped back and…admired him”

by Lisa Eppich

Chance the Rapper and his brother, rapper Taylor Bennett, have always been close—so close, in fact, that people tend to confuse them. So when Bennett came out as bisexual earlier this year on Twitter, Chance didn't bat an eye. In fact, he admired his brother for his courage and kicking down the closet door in such a public way.

Before performing at The Governor's Ball on Friday Night, Chance stopped by Ebro in the Morning on HOT 97 for a chat. When the subject turned to Bennett, Chance said he only found out when his brother posted his message on Twitter earlier this year. Then, on a vacation with their mother, they were able to have an open conversation about it. He says, "We have the closest bond I have with anybody on this Earth just because he’s my brother. We’re the same dude, we do all the same things," and acknowledges the tremendous impact social media can have on coming out. Chance continued, saying, "It's cool that he could tell everybody via the internet and kind of blunt the impact of having to come straight to me and my mom and have us sit down. Twitter carries the kind of weight that telling a million people does." 

And, just because Chance is the older brother by three years, it doesn't mean he had any brotherly advice for Bennett. They're both adults, and Chance recognized that it was his brother's story to write. He says, "everybody has their own path and what he did was stronger than most people, you know. I kind of just stepped back and more so admired him than try to be, like, damage control on the situation and tell him how he should come out.”

Since coming out, Bennett has been supported by both his family and his friends and looks like he's ready to take on a leading role in the LGBTQ community, as Urban Outfitters just tapped him to be their face of Pride Month. What's that feeling in your heart? Just a little warmth from all this love. 

Check out Chance the Rapper talking about his brother in the interview below, starting at 17:20.

(Via Hello Giggles)