Chanel Hair Bows

prepare for chanel-inspired hair bows plus the craziest cameo on new girl.

by rebecca willa davis

Fun fact: If you're Prince, you can pick up the phone, call your favorite TV show, ask for a guest role, and get it. That's right, the artist-formerly-known-as is going to be on the post-Super Bowl episode of New Girl in February. Please let this be a True American drinking game episode.... (Vulture)

What happens when you land a major beauty campaign? If you're Sky Ferreira, you dye your trademark bleached blonde locks brunette and your once-brown eyebrows blonde. (MTV Style)

Do they hand out Emmy's for trailers? Because this teaser trailer for the second season of House of Cards is so intense, it has me wondering if I should call the cops on Frank Underwood.... (YouTube)

Reading this expose about the world of Lisa Frank--which is describe as a 'Rainbow Gulag,' with horrible work conditions, abusive bosses, and digital spying--is like finding out that unicorns don't actually exist. (Jezebel)

Of course the only way to style your hair when at a rodeo--yes, even if it's a Chanel rodeo--is with a hair bow. Think of this as the Western version of the Lady Gaga topper. (Fashionista)

While Patti Smith's cover of "Hey Joe" may go down as the best interpretation of the '60s garage rock track, Charlotte Gainsbourg's version (produced by Beck, FYI) is pretty freaking good. The song, a breathy, sultry take on the jangly classic, is featured on the soundtrack to Lars von Trier's upcoming Nymphomaniac (which comes out in the US in two parts, the first of which hits theaters March 21). Whether or not you're partaking in any x-rated activities, you can listen to it below. (Pitchfork)