Photo by John Moran


Charles Fauna Seeks Blissful “Abandon” In New Song

Music that moves

When the time comes to change, you know. It starts in your gut and, in time, grows to pulse through every fiber of your being, swelling your heart with fear, desire, and an itch you can't shake off or sleep away. There's no room for fighting or escaping; there's only room to run with it.

Charles Fauna's latest, "Abandon," is an ode to that itch. It's a sweeping indie electronic track that shines with the cool glow of personal escape. Fauna considers it to be a "euphoric 'fuck you' to anyone that has ever told you to conform or be a certain way." It was born a year ago when Fauna was faced with chapters closing and new ones opening. "I’ve always really struggled with change despite its constant presence in life," he says, "[and] rather than allow the situation to dictate my emotions, I decided to pivot and try to see things differently."

The result is the sublime "Abandon." It tips its hat to the likes of Ben Howard and Passion Pit, but Fauna combines them to stunning and compelling ends. It's a song that leaves the listener lighter, even confident in the eternal struggle between where we are and where we're going. "I wrote this song to prove to myself that [the status quo] isn't the case; that anyone at any time can reimagine who they are and see themselves in new and exciting ways," Fauna says. "That you don't have to pick a comfortable role and embody it for the rest of your life. If you abandon what you know then all that remains is what you don't, and a world of limitless new beginnings."