How Many “Boys” Can Charli XCX Fit In One Video?

:D! :D! :D! :D! :D!

I beez in the thirst trap. Soon, you, too, will beez in the thirst trap. Why? Because Charli XCX released her music video for her new song "Boys" and it features nearly 80 very talented and very attractive fellas. That's right: 78 boys, one video, and a whole lotta muted pink. What's up, testostero-nation?

I could sit here and dive into the specifics of the video, like its expert use of grainy editing software (is that Red Giant I see?) and cheeky use of props, but the keyword here is "could." Like the song says, I'm too busy thinking about (these) boys. So instead, let's bask in the tender sensuality of what Charli's made. (She did, after all, direct it herself with Sarah McColgan.) Let us marvel at the cheekbones, long eyelashes, and (sometimes) tousled hair. All that smoldering can do a person in.

"Boys" is yet another gem of a pop song that further pushes Charli into a league of her own, one that is, as always, ahead of the pack. Good luck thinking about anything else today.