Charli XCX And Mura Masa Teamed Up To Make Your New “1 Night” Stand Anthem

Do you wanna go?

At some point in time, everyone gives into the temptation that is a one-night stand. You walk away from the experience feeling one of two ways: proud or full of regret. Either way, you live to tell the tale.

Charli XCX wreaked total havoc when she unleashed her Number 1 Angel mixtape last week, but she's still hungry for more and hit up Mura Masa to feed her appetite. Together, they put all of their creative juices into the track "1 Night."

"We had a connection, oh-woah/ But I'm not the type of girl, oh you/ You are an exception, oh yeah/ Yeah, you blew my mind, I wanna rewind," Charli sings in the pre-chorus.

While the goal for a night out with your crew is never to find love in the club, sometimes the stars align and you stumble upon someone who's actually a decent human being. (Or, at least, they seem like they are after enough liquid confidence is flowing through your veins and the lights are strobing for long enough.) 

The production has an authentic tropical flair to it with those steel drums, marimba, and electronics thrown in the mix. For those of you who are living it up on Spring Break, please blast this track for all of your upcoming pre-games.

Pass the aux cord and turn this tune all the way up in the video, above.