Charli XCX’s New Music Video Critiques Technology

a #nofilter look at our smartphone addiction

by jenny lee

If you're glued to your smartphone—and who isn't—then Charli XCX's new video for "Famous" might give you the creeps. That was definitely director Eric Wareheim's intention, which is why he made something that at first feels like your average Charli XCX video but quickly transforms into something much more sinister.

In the clip, a teenage girl dances around her room while texting, taking selfies, and posting statuses, but as her devices hit low battery, everything goes to hell. She's transported to a bizarre dimension where elderly folk are dancing in a zombie-like state, taking photo after photo on selfie sticks. The video is riddled with allusions to today's internet lingo–phrases like "I woke up like this" to "on fleek" show up on clothing and status updates, and there are emojis everywhere. Charli XCX herself appears on a screen, looking scabby and disheveled until we see her through a touchscreen and she suddenly becomes more glamorous. Sound familiar? Anyway, we're all screwed. 

(Source: Pitchfork)