you’re the greatest, charlie brown.

zigging and zagging in yellow and black.

by steff yotka

Looks like Charlie Brown is


having his high fashion moment. Cool cartoon collabs are pretty regular occurrences that we love (hello, 

Vans x Disney

!), but it seems like high-brow ready-to-wear brands are now borrowing some inspiration from our favorite yellow-wearing kid.

First, we spied this Burberry Prorsum blouse with a black zig-zag across the chest that is pretty similar to the Brown's signature yellow T-shirt. Then we discovered this yellow, black, and white zig-zag skirt from artsy Korean brand Pushbutton. Together they make the absolute fanciest Charlie Brown outfit we have ever seen, especially since the combined price is over $1,000. (That's way more than this Charlie Brown Halloween costume.)

If you want to get The Peanut's look without the Daddy Warbucks price tags, you can always drop $9 on this Topshop ring. Just don't try to play football in any of these pieces… we know how that ends.