Charlie Puth And Selena Gomez “Don’t Talk Anymore” In New Song

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Sometimes a collaboration song comes along that just makes sense, and Selena Gomez hopping on Charlie Puth’s just-surfaced track “We Don’t Talk Anymore,” is a magical pairing. Sometimes you imagine other artists that may have fit the bill better, but Puth and Gomez’s falsettos compliment each other perfectly.

The new song, lifted from Puth’s forthcoming Nine Track Mind album, rides the coattails of pop’s current affair with tropical-inspired productions. (Don’t read too much into Gomez being on a song that wears a similar hat as Justin Bieber’s latest album, Jelena shippers. This sound has been around for much longer than Bieber’s “Sorry” and “What Do You Mean.”) It’s an easy, breezy tune about a failed relationship that you can sway to. Speaking to MTV News back in December 2015, Puth said when he played Gomez the song, “she just started singing the second verse. I got chills.” So he asked her to be on the track. “She could just relate to the song and the lyrical sentiment.”

Listen to it below. Nine Track Mind drops January 29, 2016.