Watch Charlotte Cardin’s Music Video For “Like It Doesn’t Hurt”

But maybe it does, just a little?

As a French-Canadian singer, 

Charlotte Cardin 

knows a thing or two about setting the mood when it comes to romance. Her latest single, "Like It Doesn't Hurt," puts her heart on the line as she and rapper 


engage in a dialogue about a dysfunctional love that burns with eternal passion. Today, we're premiering the official music video for the sultry track, and it's fueled by tons of drama that eventually leads to the extreme.

Directed by Kristof Brandl, the intense visual portrays a relationship going down in flames. We start off in the midst of an arrest in a hotel parking lot, and then the camera whisks us away to more intimate scenes of the couple in different settings during happier times.

The minimalistic song will soothe you, but the visual might open some fresh wounds if you've ever been emotionally bruised by a lover. Cardin said that the song touches on how love can grow to be hurtful, but is also a lesson about keeping your cool even when it's not how you really feel on the inside.


Big Boy

EP is available now. Watch the love fade before your eyes in the video, below.