charm school

a new art exhibit that you can see on the web.

by faran krentcil

Name your kid "Charming," and there's a lot of expectations. But artist Charming Baker is going with the flow of his etymology, debuting new oil paintings that are quirky, beautiful, odd, arresting, and, okay sure, charming.

He's also got an interesting pedigree:  The British native comes stateside with the help of his manager, Pat Magnarella, who also handles Green Day.

And while the exhibit doesn't feature any American Idiot posters, it does have a series of prints available through the Carmichael Gallery, plus the paintings of animals, miniskirts, and chainsaws.

The show opens this week at NYSG in New York's Lower East Side, but if you can't make it, click below:  We've got images from the show so you can enjoy it at a computer near you.

Charming Baker: Stupid Has a New Hero

May 14-30 at NYSG, 154 Stanton St., NYC