Watch CHCKLK’s New Music Video For “Rising Up”


Thanks to CHCKLK, we’re already starting our week off with a healthy dose of realness. The Brooklyn-based artist makes brooding dark pop that borders on alternative R&B territory, often mulling over issues like mortality and the afterlife. Today, we're premiering the music video for CHCKLK's latest single, “Rising Up."

The Kevin Trout-directed video is shot with a kind of hazy, dreamlike image quality that softens the content's dark undertones. Given all the recent global turmoil, this piece feels especially timely. 

CHCKLK dedicates the video to his collective, Kids of the Forest, which he describes as a group of "free-minded individuals with only one fear: not being able to express one's ideas. We choose to rise up against any barriers of intolerance for the prosperity of self-expression."

Check it all out in the video, above.