How To Eat Healthy Without Going Broke

    Whole Foods life on a fast food budget

    by · April 04, 2016

    We’re constantly being told we need to eat right, but what many nutrition preachers fail to consider is that we can’t all afford the healthiest options out there. Most of the time, it seems easier to grab fast food or premade meals and microwavable dishes. Especially when we’ve been subtly programmed to think that eating healthy is either time-consuming or financially draining.

    Turns out, it’s actually a lot easier to eat healthy, fresh, organic food on a budget than you think—it just takes a little bit of planning. So even if you can’t afford Whole Foods and you don’t have the patience to stand in line at Trader Joe’s, you don’t have to have the green to eat the green. Here are a few options for easing into that Whole Foods life, with a fast food wallet.

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