Cherry Glazerr’s “Nuclear Bomb” Video Is A Steamy Love Letter To Guitars


Have you ever loved an inanimate object so goddamn much that you felt the need to wine and dine it in the hopes that it would lead to sex? That’s how Cherry Glazerr lead singer, Clementine Creevy, feels about her guitar in the band’s romantic new video for “Nuclear Bomb.” Creevy and her buff ax spend what is basically an ideal L.A. day, first hitting up Echo Park for a romantic stroll followed by a tension-filled bench hang. After that comes an erotic leaf fight, some making out, a pizza date, and more making out. At this point, Creevy and her guitar can barely keep their hands and strings off each other, and find the nearest bathroom to hook up in. The happy couple then hits a record store because screw streaming, go for a night ride, get drunk on wine, and then have what looks like animal sex. See? Perfect day.

“Nuclear Bomb” is the third single off of the rock trio’s upcoming album, Apocalipstick, which comes out on January 20. They’re about to embark on a massive North American tour, with a small pit stop in Europe, and after already confirming a spot on the roster for next July’s Panorama festival, the band will most likely spend the summer lighting up the festival circuit. Oh yeah, and a portion of the proceeds of the tour will be donated to support Planned Parenthood Los Angeles. All good things.