Chloe x Halle Just Dropped A Mixtape So Stop What You’re Doing Right Now

The music goddesses have blessed our ears

Ever since Chloe x Halle dropped into the music world, our lives have been significantly better. The sister duo's Sugar Symphony EP came out almost a year ago, and we've been hooked to their sweet tunes since they broke out on the scene with "Drop." Since then, they've gone on to do other really cool things, like outshine everyone on the red carpet and star in the latest Ivy Park campaign alongside SZA and Yara Shahidi.

Chloe x Halle are clearly taking cues from Beyoncé because they just surprise dropped a brand-new mixtape. The Two of Us shows the sisters reaching for the next level of greatness as they fine-tune the things they're best at: angelic harmonies, glorious layers of production, masterful instrumentation, and insightful lyrics that stay on your tongue (and leave your mouth watering). All of this is tied together in a beautifully decorated package that clocks in around 25 minutes. 

The second song on the mixtape opens with "Boys texting me and begging me to see em/ You can't schedule an appointment with a queen like me," which left us motionless and screaming on the floor. (Eventually, we got up and composed ourselves.) They're growing into well-rounded women who are wise beyond their years, and we couldn't be more proud to witness their progress. 

The Bailey sisters also recently shared a special playlist in honor of International Women's Day if you want to plug that in next. Get your dose of black girl magic and stream this musical masterpiece in the video, below.