Chloë Sevigny Debuts New Short Film For Miu Miu

Carmen, carmen, carmen

Chloë Sevigny is back behind the camera again. For her second foray into the world of directing, Sevigny teamed up with Miu Miu for the fashion house's Women's Tales series.

With comedian Carmen Lynch as her subject and muse, Sevigny captures the passivity of the everyday. According to the director herself, Carmen is about "process, being a woman, celebrity, and ego." She adds, "It’s about the love of the craft, the love of the art, the repetition of it." In the short, Lynch prepares for a stand-up gig while film anecdotes complementing her disaffected thoughts on dating, The Pill, and children cut in and out. It's lonely, but tender. Lynch, through the eyes of Sevigny's camera, seems content with her routine. She says it captures a lot of who she is. “When you’re on the road, being alone doesn’t even feel like being alone anymore," Lynch says. "A lot of us comedians are introverts, observing and listening." After all, if life weren't funny, it would just be true.

Watch Carmen below.