Watch Chris Evans Scare Scarlett Johnasson On ‘Ellen’

oh, scarjo

If there's one thing we would bet money on, it's Scarlett Johansson's fearlessness. Not only has the former child star pursued physically and mentally challenging roles, but she has also forayed into the music industry (even starting her own star-studded girl group) and even stood up to Barbara Walters. She's never been afraid to disagree with what the media says (even regarding the now infamous John Travolta groping photo). But, like all mortals, Johansson isn't immune to an impromptu scream, as demonstrated on Ellen this week.

Like many an Ellen guest, Johansson was unwittingly scared s**tless while having a seemingly innocent conversation about her upcoming Marvel film The Avengers. Her co-star Chris Evans snuck up behind her and screamed her name. Her reaction was terribly cute, as expected.

Johansson also visited The Tonight Show and played "Box of Lies" with host Jimmy Fallon. The game, which involved choosing a box filled with a random item and describing the item (either lying or telling the truth), showed that while Johansson is not a very convincing liar, she is really good at telling the truth—so good, in fact, that she won against Fallon while describing a plastic Starbucks cup filled with baked beans.

Watch both segments below to fall even more in love with Johansson.