Chris LaRocca Is “Wild For You” In Hypnotic New Song

All them feels

Infatuation is a beast of an emotion. It's unpredictable and all-consuming. Then again, a little of it is necessary in the beginning stages of any relationship destined to be deeper than platonic. Many songs have been written about infatuation—or, at the very least, been inspired by it—but not many capture its melancholic undertones with such tenderness as Chris LaRocca's newest song, "Wild."

Lifted from LaRocca's forthcoming debut EP, Voila, "Wild" builds itself a lush bed of swirling, layered vocals and luxuriates in it. LaRocca's flexing some strong R&B muscles here and isn't afraid to electrify them when appropriate. He gets right down to the, as he tells us, "push and pull of being too involved" with someone. There's a sense of bittersweet confusion, the kind that can only be born from infatuation. Listen for yourself below.

Chris LaRocca's Voila EP drops August 23.