photo by Jason Merritt / Getty Images

chris pratt reveals his epic ‘cheat day’ routine

“I’ll just get fucking hammered and eat my face off.”

We really can’t say enough about Chris Pratt’s enviable transformation from chunky monkey Andy Dwyer from Parks and Rec to ripped, welcome target of objectification for his roles in Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World. As a hard-won goal achieved, it’s inspiring.

What’s perhaps even more inspiring is that the noted ex-party monster maintains an epic “cheat day” routine even as he watches carbs and lifts weights during the rest of the week. As he told Complex: “I give myself a three-hour window and just do as much damage as I can. I’ll plan for it. Usually it’ll be something real sweet and carb-y: pancakes, pizza, cheese—because I try to stay away from dairy—ice cream Drumsticks, fried chicken, all the good comfort food.” Sounds like a banner afternoon to us.

More than that, Pratt adds a big pour of the strong stuff to his comfort-food binges, including, “whiskey and wine and beer and vodka.” He continues, “I’ll just get fucking hammered and eat my face off and wake up the next day like, ‘Ugh, now I got three days to get rid of that!’”​ See, dieting can be fun!

Anyways, the man raises an important point: Any hard-targeted health routine should have cheats just in order to maintain sanity. As they say, all things in moderation—even moderation. (Complex)