Chris Pratt And Jennifer Lawrence Are Otherworldly In The First ‘Passengers’ Trailer

When movie stars collide

by daniel barna

There are perhaps no two bigger movie stars on earth than Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence. But what happens when you put them in space? We find out in the first trailer for Passengers, the hugely anticipated sci-fi romance in which Pratt and Lawrence play two passengers hibernating on a 120-year ride to a space colony where they'll presumably live happily ever after. However when they wake up, they quickly learn that they're 90 years too early.

The good news is that they have endless privacy to do what two people who're that good looking, and that charismatic would do, if given a whole spaceship to themselves. (Hint: they're not playing chess.) The bad news is, the ship has some major mechanical issues, and Pratt's character it seems, has a secret. 

Let's be honest: Hollywood could give us a Pratt/Lawrence two-hander about a couple looking for parking at Ikea and we'd still be first in line. It just so happens that we're getting them in what looks like a wholly original space saga helmed by Morten Tyldum, the Norwegian director who proved he knows his way around critically acclaimed drama with The Imitation Game. 

True movie stars are a dying breed in Hollywood, and completely original stories of this scale that aren't tied to a larger franchise are all but extinct. In Passengers we get both, so let's enjoy the ride. 

Passengers hits theaters December 21. Watch the trailer above.