This Christian Mom Really Wants Katy Perry’s Dad To Know His Daughter Is “Satanic”

this is insane

by daniel barna

Being the parent of a celebrity can be really fun! You get to watch the person you created live out their dreams, and if you're lucky, that person will probably buy you a house. It can also be terrifying. Just ask Keith Hudson, Katy Perry's minister dad who was recently ambushed by a raving lunatic who accused him of raising "a satanic woman who has led millions to hell." 

The woman has since been identified as Christine Weick, a fanatical activist with a history of protesting things like the legalization of gay marriage and the entire nation of Islam. Weick's vendetta against Perry seems to stem from her son, who she admits is a huge fan of the pop star. "My kid watches your kid's videos, and it's sending him to Hell because of the choice he made because of your daughter and your lack of discernment and direction," she tells a bemused Hudson.

Weick also happened to film the whole thing, and posted it on Facebook. You can watch her bring the crazy, above.