Christina Grimmie’s New Music Video Is Hard To Watch

Gone too soon

by daniel barna

When Christina Grimmie was murdered in June, we couldn't help but feel cheated, like a rising star had been extinguished far too soon. After winning legions of fans with her meteoric rise on The Voice, Grimmie was getting set to launch a music career filled with promise.

That promise was evident in her four-song Side A EP, which features the thunderous ballad "Snow White." On Thursday, Grimmie's family shared the music video for the song, and we're not going to lie, it's hard to watch. In it, Grimmie plays a character named Jessica Blue, a character who'll be featured in a series of videos that Grimmie shot before her death. According to Billboard, a new video in Grimmie's The Ballad of Jessica Blue series will premiere every week this month.

“Everyone worked so hard on this project putting in extra long days on set to ensure we got the best quality project we could for the minimal budget we had,” said Grimmie’s manager, Brian Teefey. “I couldn’t be more proud of her and everyone involved for the labor of love that was put into this project.”

Watch Christina Grimmie’s “Snow White” video above.