beauty queen: christina ricci

prepare for milkmaid braids to change your life.

by rebecca willa davis

Dear Christina Ricci,

Thank you for reminding us all that the milkmaid braid is the most genius of undos. Why, you ask? Because it looks like you're a hair-twisting whiz when really this simple braid takes five minutes to master and works best when you've got slightly-dirty hair. (OK, maybe not dirty--but a little bit of grit so that it doesn't fall apart.)

Though we usually save it for mornings when we're not quite at our best (running late for work, heading to a hungover brunch, etc.), the fact that you rocked milkmaid braids to the Smurfs 2 premiere is proof that they look pretty perfect all the time.



PS: You totally don't mind if we copy you, do you?

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If you're not working with day-old hair (that is, strands that haven't been just-washed), you'll want to add in a bit of dry shampoo to add some texture to your locks--this helps keep the braids from falling apart.


Separate your hair into two low pigtails, braiding each one until the very end and securing with hair elastics.


Take one braid and lift it up and around the crown of your head, using bobby pins to secure it. Repeat with the second braid on the other side, making sure to tuck the ends in underneath the other braid. Et voila!