Chromeo Toro y Moi Come Alive

the best new tunes of the week, because you’re worth it.

by nylon

Pony Boy - "Happy Ever After"

An ominous organ strain leads you through a dark hallway and into a tiny room where crashing drums and velvety vocals woo you into oblivion for a mesmerizing 2 minutes and 30 seconds in this latest track from Pony Boy. Good luck with that! MELISSA GIANNINI

Clare Maguire - "In the Night"

Clare Maguire's only been around for a couple decades and some change, but her vocals hint that in that time she's seen some things--the kind of things that provoked a pained lilt in the best folk songs of the '70s and a smoky sorrow in the eeriest of '80s ballads. MG

Moody Good feat. Eryn Allen Kane - "Musicbx"

Former 16bit member Eddie Jefferys is trying on the alias Moody Good for size and releasing a new record with MTA while he's at it. His single "Musicbx" features Eryn Allen Kane's enticing vocals taking a dive into a delicate xylophone rhythm that drops into a stellar bass. The track's a bit moody--but oh so good. ALEXA PEARCE

Banks - "Brain"

If there's anything that we've learned from Banks' previous singles (cough, "Waiting Game" and "Warm Water," cough) it's that you don't need in-your-face lyrics or overwhelming percussion to make a statement. The L.A.-based singer has mastered the art of quiet power, and takes it to the next level here with a little help from producer Shlomo. The result is a glittery, gauzy gem of a song that makes us want to close our eyes and just bliss out to her velvet vocals. LIZA DARWIN

Chromeo feat. Toro y Moi - "Come Alive"

It's Friday, so you should already be in high spirits. But if you need a little help to come alive, you can't do much better than the new music video from Chromeo. The electro-funk (with a wink) duo put the ooooh in smooth on this track--off of their upcoming fourth album--with a little help from chillwave spiritual leader Chaz Bundick. There's synchronized dancing, leather jackets, and a singing janitor...instead of trying to explain it all, you're best off just watching it yourself.