get the ‘net

the coolest musicians you better be following on tumblr.

by steff yotka

I'll be the first person to admit that I'm not really up on my music game. Every new band or artist I learn about is because I work with the coolest people with the best insight into the music industry (I'll even admit that before working at NYLON I was basically the Portlandia character who only talked about Pet Sounds. Sorry, everyone!). But recently I've pressed the "Follow" button on some musicians' Tumblrs, and it's really changed my situation for the better. 

While Instagram gives you insight into musicians' personal world of cell phone snaps, their Twitters allow for 140 character thoughts, and their Facebook pages are great ways to find out about tour dates, no platform can really deliver like Tumblr. It has the ability to combine songs, text, images, videos, and Q&As into one feed, which makes following Grimes or Lorde way cool since you not only get to hear their music, but you also find out about what they're loving and inspired by. (And if you follow either of these awesome ladies, you know their inspirations are far-reaching and 100-percent worth a reblog.)

So in the spirit of online sharing, check out the bands I'm following in the slideshow, and tell me yours on Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr (duh!). 

WHO: Lorde

FOLLOR FOR: Visual inspiration, written updates, rando reblogs, heartfelt notes, and plenty of selfies.

WHO: Grimes

FOLLOR FOR: Awesome inspiration (from K Pop videos to throwback Dolly Parton pics), rando updates, and lots of new music from Grimes and musicians she loves.

WHO: Dev Hynes

FOLLOW FOR: Concert/appearance updates, heartfelt messages, press, visual inspiration, music.

WHO: Solange

FOLLOW FOR: Fan art, collab updates, news, and videos

WHO: Haim

FOLLOW FOR: Short updates, cute pics, behind-the-scenes photos

WHO: Azealia Banks

FOLLOW FOR: Great reblogs, rap lyrics, press, and thought-out 

WHO: the xx

FOLLOW FOR: Updates, new music, tour photos, merch, behind-the-scenes pics

WHO: Hayley Williams

FOLLOW FOR: Awesome reblogs, Paramore GIFs, rando inspiration, and more coolness

WHO: The Darcys

FOLLOW FOR: Infinite black and white image inspiration

WHO: Wild Belle

FOLLOW FOR: Awesome retro inspiration photos

WHO: Uh Huh Her

FOLLOW FOR: Updates, behind-the-scenes photos, tour news, new music


FOLLOW FOR: Crazy-awesome visual inspiration

WHO: Beyonce

FOLLOW FOR: Photos of B being Queen

WHO: Lily Allen

FOLLOW FOR: Updates, behind-the-scenes photos, selfies

WHO: Sky Ferreira

FOLLOW FOR: Tour photos, updates, news, press, behind-the-scenes pics

WHO: Chvrches

FOLLOW FOR: News, press, videos, tour info, new music