Photo by Astrid Stawiarz / Getty Images


ciara’s new video upgrades the break-up ballad

also, it’s turtleneck-bodysuit season

Ciara has never been one for heavy emotional ballads, but that all went out the window when her man cheated. (We're still trying to figure out how that even happened because it's Ciara. Obviously, Future was not counting his blessings...) In the music video for her latest single "I Bet," Ciara is depicted as a beautiful ballerina in a toy box. But she's far from breakable while she performs the mechanical movements with precision. This is Ciara's moment to unwind and let go of all of these intense feelings, and it only makes her come out stronger because she knows her worth.

Moral of the story: Success is the best form of revenge, but successfully throwing shade at your ex is even better. Also, taking selfies in a turtleneck bodysuit is never a bad idea.

While we wait for Ciara's upcoming album Jackie to drop in May, we'll be mastering all of her dance moves by re-watching the video below. (Having legs that toned is our main #goal for spring/summer.)