The Secret To Flawless Drag Makeup Is In A Brush

A Sonic brush, no less

by NYLON x Clarisonic

A queen deserves the best makeup beat possible. It can take years of perfecting and experimenting, learning different tricks and trying various products, to get that ultimate look. For Brooklyn's own Jacquée Kennedée, the magic begins with a flawless foundation. From there, she builds her refined look into whatever character she dreams of being that night. Turns out, she's found a new love in Clarisonic's new Sonic Foundation Brush Head attachment. One pop of the cleansing brush, and boom—a face flawlessly beat for the gods. Who needs Facetune when you have this magic wand of a brush? Plus, when the night's all said and done, all Kennedée has to do is put the cleansing brush back in her Mia2, and she's makeup-free. But don't take our words for it. Watch her in action, below.