Coachella Flip Flop Man Gave Us The Best Video In Festival History

An ode to the struggle

From Kesha's return to the stage to Lorde's surprise performance to Grimes' epic display, this year's Coachella was filled with enough memorable moments to fill a Buzzfeed listicle. And while there are many a fan-filmed video to rewatch over and over on YouTube, we'd just like to remind you of the greatest documented moment in Coachella history: the saga of one man's flip flop struggle.

Filmed at the festival back in the beginning of the massive Coachella boom in 2010, the minute-and-a-half video, which some may rightfully consider to be a short film, is a tale of triumph and determination. We find our protagonist is most likely fairly intoxicated, as most tend to be at Coachella, and his state of being serves as a metaphor for the everyday, mundane obstacles in our lives. When he falters, our hearts skip. When he succeeds, we are reminded of the strength of the human spirit. Call it a cinematic bildungsroman, or call it just another video of foolish Coachella entitlement; just make sure that you bookmark it to rewatch whenever you're feeling down.