Coastal Cities Summer Reign Music Video

indie rock boys and milkshakes, what could be better?

by rebecca willa davis

If anything could make High Wycombe a household, it's Coastal Cities. The town, though just 30 miles outside of London, is hardly a big city; I had to Google it while first researching the band, and the latest headlines that came up--"High Wycombe comes ninth in crap town list" and "Ghost researcher: 'Wycombe is most definitely haunted'"--kind of tell you everything you need to know.

But then, Coastal Cities have the sort of echoing guitar, accent-inflected delivery, heart-string-pulling indie rock that has made music stars out of everyone from Echo and the Bunnymen to The Pains of Being Pure at Heart. Yes, even if they're from a no-name town. Three of the band's five members first bonded over their shared love of '80s new wave while still in school, and by the time they graduated they had written enough songs to eventually head to the studio.

The result of that is "Summer Reign," their new single mixed by Adrian Bushby (who has previously worked wtih the likes of Two Door Cinema Club and The Rapture). And as good as the track is, the video may be better; shots of the band sipping milkshakes and walking along an overcast beach are cut with shots of them jamming together. Yes, milkshakes and indie rock songs about heartbreak, what could be better?

Watch the video below--we've got the exclusive premiere--and get more Coastal Cities info here.