coffee talk

get a wakeup call, without surrendering to your local Starbucks.

by faran krentcil

If you can't seem to sleep before 2 am, then you probably know the challenges of showering-while-tired: You sit in the haze of hot water for 40 minutes, not doing anything, until - of course - you're late for work.  And unless you want to brush your teeth with Red Bull (ew), there isn't much hope of shaking yourself awake before then.

Unless you want to try the new soap called Wash With Joe.  Formulated with glycerin, coffee beans, and mint, the scrub is all-natural and smells like cappucino.  And if science labs about coffee are to be trusted, this stuff can also help your skin block UV rays and clear your bloodsteam.

Will it work as well as an espresso shot, a bottle of sunscreen, and a day of yoga?  Not quite, but we do love its awakening properties - a few whiffs of this stuff, combined with a healthy breakfast, and you might be able to skip your Starbucks run altogether.

$24, Available at