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    nonie creme debuts her new line at walgreens

    by · March 16, 2015

    courtesy of nonie creme colour prevails

    The phrase “you get what you pay for” doesn’t always apply to beauty products. Sure, you could drop $50 on a luxury lipstick, but why—especially when there are equally fabulous products at the drugstore? Of course, finding those cheap-yet-amazing products takes skill, so it’s always exciting to find an entire line that delivers on quality without wreaking havoc on our wallets. Such is the case with Nonie Creme’s new line Nonie Creme Colour Prevails, which just debuted at Walgreens.

    Nonie Creme was the former Founding Creative Director of butterLONDON, so I had high hopes for her new line—and I was not disappointed. The collection is impressive for a multitude of reasons: It seems to cover all the bases, from formula quality to color pigmentation to ease of application. Plus, the packaging is beautiful, and everything is under $20.

    Most of the products in the line are multi-purpose or easy to apply. The lip and eye products are packaged as a duo, like the Eye Design Shadow and Liner Duo, which includes a cream eye shadow and liner. The two-in-one packaging makes these products a dream to carry around without overstuffing my make-up bag. When not multi-purpose, the products are highly ergonomic, like the Nail Lacquers and the Eye Shimmer Powders, which have an L-shaped hand paddle that fits snugly into the space between your thumb and index finger for a more stable application. I appreciated this detail in fuctionality as my unsteady hand tends to ruin what would have been a perfectly good manicure.

    The formulas are worth mentioning, too. I was skeptical about the lip products because lipstick tends to dry out my lips. And I’ve never been a lip gloss kind of girl; the stickiness has always turned me off. But the lipstick from the Classic Lip Duo glided on smoothly, was pleasantly moisturizing, and as the brand’s name suggests, the vibrant plum color lasted for a super-long time. The lip gloss wasn’t sticky at all, and it actually felt quite nice on my lips, like a moisturizing balm in a deep violet shade. For the nail lacquer, the formula was not too watery or too dense, and the stunning color made it easy to see why Creme is so acclaimed for her color mixology. Paired with the functional applicator, it definitely makes painting my nails much more enjoyable.

    All in all, the Colour Prevails line delivers in all the categories, from functional packaging to beautifully colored, quality formulas. All this for the friendly price tag–it’s certainly a winner in my book. Click through the gallery to see some of our picks from the collection.

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