Photo courtesy of ColourPop


There’s A ColourPop X Disney Princess Collab And My Inner Child Is Screaming

I’ll take one of each

ColourPop is known for its collaborations with iconic characters from our childhoods, like Hello Kitty and My Little Pony, but the cosmetics brand is taking it up several notches for its latest. The makeup brand is launching a makeup capsule in collaboration with Disney, called the Disney Designer Collection, which takes its inspiration from the princesses we grew up with.

The collection features two highlighters which go for $8 each, an eyeshadow palette which retails for $20, and six individual eyeshadows for $5 each. There are also three lip glosses called "Bibbidi," "Bobbidi," and "Boo," which is the most perfect name for a lip gloss trio we’ve ever heard, TBH—and they retail at just $6 apiece. That’s the cheapest alternative to a fairy godmother we can think of. 

Rounding out the collection are six creamy matte lipsticks, each $7 and inspired by and named after a different princess. Naturally, "Snow White" is a candy apple red and "Ariel" is a soft coral. This collection definitely paid attention to the little details, and we're adding all 18 products to our carts as soon as we can.

Speaking of that, the Disney Designer Collection will be available on and on September 28, and you can preview the collection here.