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Need A Job Over The Holidays? These Companies Are Hiring A Ton Of Employees Right Now

new year, new job.

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As you scribble down a list of friends and family members who you have to buy presents for this year, you start to realize that it will cost quite a pretty penny. That dent in your pocket becomes more real and you can probably feel the walls closing in on you a little right now… But before you start to plan your diet of ramen noodles and rice cakes for the coming months to make ends meet, take a breath and don’t fret. You have some other options.

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A bunch of companies are hiring tens of thousands of seasonal employees this year. There are positions open for sales associates and customer-service representatives if communication or getting people to buy things is your forte. But with the increasing spike in online shopping, the need for employees has shifted from stores to warehouses. Companies are looking for people to fulfill orders, handle packages, and transport merchandise.

So, it’s possible for you to drop that cash for all the people on your list without inducing any heart palpitations. Below is a list of companies that are looking for the most employees this holiday season. Happy applying!

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1. Amazon: 100,000 Employees—Apply here.

2. UPS: 95,000 Employees—Apply here.

3. Macy’s: 85,000 Employees—Apply here.

4. Target: 70,000 Employees—Apply here.

5. Kohl’s: 69,000 Employees—Apply here.

Get the full list of companies on CheatSheet.

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