con vos “daymare”

The NYC-based trio teases their new release…

by Josh Madden

Indie trio CON VOS came together in January 2013 when New Jersey-based rap duo Fortunate Ones decided they wanted veer from the hip-hop path they were currently on. The fellas reached out to Brooklyn-based Irish singer/songwriter Sorcha Richardson about embarking on a new, collaborative project and CON VOS was born. The newly formed groups' first release Central Park, boasts a seamlessness that sonically suggests the band has been writing together for years, but it's the sort of sound that comes when an artist steps outside their comfort zone.

Today we got the first listen to a new cut, entitled "daymare," from their forthcoming Cocoon Bloom EP, which  is set for release February 3rd. It's not the usual visual accompaniment but we kinda like it all that much more. We asked the band where the hockey idea came from and this is what they had to say.

"Serge has always had a love/hate relationship with the game of hockey. The best way to describe such an enigmatic relationship is by listening to "Daymare." Something that once stood so meaningful, turns into nothing but a past dream. Love can be interpreted in all different facets. The struggles, the commitment, the break ups, the devotion and the heartbreak are just common themes that help best describe the roller coaster of the four letter L word. In this case, it's a sport. Inspired by the upcoming Winter Olympics in Sochi. This is a quick trailer to introduce those that are not familiar with the underrated sport, and to appease those that live and breathe it every day. For the Love of the game..." -CON VOS

All we can say is we're down for stepping out of your comfort zone, new ventures, new tunes, new vibes, and well...we're down for these guys. Check out more on CON VOS HERE and pick up their new EP Cocoon Bloom February 3rd!